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Rehab Global Nexus 2024

ICRAHS will serve as a catalyst for the transformation of healthcare, with a steadfast focus on elevating the standards of Rehabilitation and Allied Health Sciences. Our commitment is unwavering – we aim to advance the education of professionals, equipping them with the highest levels of clinical proficiency, while fostering interdisciplinary collaboration to cultivate excellence in both research and education.

Our central goal is to empower healthcare professionals with the latest knowledge and clinical expertise to provide exceptional care to individuals dealing with impairments and ailments. We firmly believe that well-prepared professionals are instrumental in enhancing the quality of life for those in need. In addition to this, our resolute commitment lies in the pursuit of outcome-driven healthcare management. Rehab Global Nexus 2024 will offer a dynamic forum to explore real-world challenges, exchange multifaceted perspectives, and craft effective solutions that result in tangible enhancements in patient care and well-being.

Our mission extends beyond borders. We are dedicated to introducing recent advancements from across the globe to the region of Sindh, Pakistan, and beyond. We aspire to strengthen the connection between Rehabilitation and Allied Health professions and international health organizations. Through our initiatives, we strive to contribute to global health endeavors and uphold the highest standards of healthcare on a worldwide scale.

Dr. M. Riaz Baig Chughtai
Director Academics
College of Physiotherapy


As the Chair of Rehab Global Nexus 2024, I am deeply honored to guide an unfolding journey with the potential to shape the future landscape of Rehabilitation and Allied Health Sciences in Sindh, Pakistan.

In our ever-changing world, profound challenges and opportunities continually emerge. The realm of Rehabilitation & Allied Health Sciences is pivotal in enhancing the quality of life for individuals globally. This conference has been carefully structured to serve as a platform for experts, researchers, practitioners, and educators from various parts of the world to convene. Our shared goal is to promote the exchange of innovative ideas, the sharing of pioneering research, and the promotion of best practices, all aimed at advancing this vital field.

This conference covers a broad range of topics, including the latest developments in rehabilitation therapies, state-of-the-art technological innovations, patient-centric care models, and valuable insights arising from interdisciplinary cooperation. Our collective aspiration extends beyond mere knowledge sharing; it seeks to nurture a culture of collaboration that knows no geographical bounds. By uniting professionals from diverse disciplines, we aim to create a dynamic environment that encourages the development of innovative solutions.

Let us seize this invaluable opportunity to learn, collaborate, and inspire one another, as we collectively lay the foundation for a healthier and more inclusive global landscape.


It is with immense pleasure and great anticipation that I extend my warmest welcome to all of you to the International Conference of Rehabilitation & Allied Health Sciences. As the Co-Chair of this prestigious event, I am delighted to announce the commencement of what promises to be an intellectually stimulating and transformative gathering of experts, researchers, practitioners, and students from around the world.

This year's conference theme, “Converging Pathways for Innovations and Advancements in Rehabilitation & Allied Health Sciences," encapsulates our commitment to driving positive change through research, education, and clinical practice. Our carefully curated program will feature a diverse range of topics, from the latest breakthroughs in rehabilitation technology to the holistic care of patients, and from interdisciplinary collaborations to ethical considerations in the field.

Our esteemed keynote speakers and presenters are luminaries in their respective fields, and their insights will undoubtedly inspire and enlighten us all. Moreover, the interactive workshops, panel discussions, and networking opportunities will provide a platform for participants to engage in meaningful dialogue, forge connections, and foster collaborations that have the potential to shape the future of Rehabilitation & Allied Health Sciences.

Dr. Dabeer A. Khan

Director Health (Dev.)

Health Department, Govt. of Sindh

Principal College of Occupational Therapy


It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the International Conference on Rehabilitation and Allied Health Sciences, scheduled to take place from February 16th to 18th, 2024. As the Co-Chair of this significant event, I am thrilled to announce our conference theme: "Converging Pathways for Innovations and Advancements in Rehabilitation & Allied Health Sciences."

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, the convergence of pathways is essential to fostering innovation and advancing the field of rehabilitation and allied health sciences. Our conference aims to bring together professionals, researchers, and experts from around the globe to explore and discuss the latest breakthroughs, share valuable insights, and forge collaborations that will shape the future of rehabilitation and allied health.

This gathering will be a unique opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions, exchange ideas, and contribute to the collective knowledge that propels our field forward. The diverse range of topics covered will include emerging technologies, best practices, and novel approaches that enhance patient care, promote inclusivity, and address the challenges faced by healthcare professionals in the modern era.

I encourage you to mark your calendars and join us for this enriching experience. Together, let us explore the converging pathways that lead to innovations and advancements in rehabilitation and allied health sciences.

Looking forward to your active participation and the success of this conference.


We are thrilled to announce the forthcoming 1st International Conference of Rehabilitation and Allied Health Sciences (ICRAHS), hosted by the DIHE. This event marks fostering a robust research culture, promoting evidence-based practices, and by bridging the divide between research and application, we aim to illuminate the path forward for professionals across the spectrum.
The thematic underpinning of this conference casts a spotlight on the contemporary challenges encountered within the landscape of research and practice among rehabilitation professionals. Through rigorous scientific discourse and scholarly exploration, they will present solutions that transcend geographical boundaries and resonate across the international community.
As the Secretary of this significant event, I eagerly anticipate the privilege of welcoming you to these impactful conferences. Let us collectively embark on this journey of intellectual exchange, collaboration, and discovery. Together, we will carve out new pathways for research, practice, and growth, shaping the future of our fields in ways that will resonate for years to come.

Dr. Fahad Farooq Lasi
Director QEC/Dean Faculty of Science,
Dadabhoy Institute of Higher Education

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